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Brian Wright is a Fellow of Trinity College of Music (London) and studied with Anthony Rooley, Adele Kramer, Michael Jesset and Anthony Gilbert (composition). He has taught the guitar and lute in Wadebridge, Cornwall, U.K. since 1976 and tuition is offered to all standards on the Classic guitar, Electric guitar, Jazz guitar, Bass guitar and Lute. Many of his pupils have achieved grade 8 on the guitar and have gone on to music college and university. Preparation for G.C.S.E., A level and higher music exams can be arranged.

He has given recitals at Music societies, Festivals, Independant schools; performed on radio and T.V. and for the National Trust throughout the U.K. International recitals, teaching, adjudication at competitions, radio and T.V have taken place in Italy, Spain, Belgium, Yugoslavia, Poland, Czech Republic, France, Ukraine, Slovakia, Eire, Germany, Holland, Russia, Bulgaria, China, Belarus and the U.S.A. Many of his International concerts have been supported by the British Council.

Since 1992 he has taught at the International Summer School of Early music in Valtice, Czech Republic and in 1993 he made a film for Czech television on the subject of his concert activities with the Czech singer Jarmila Chaloupkov√°.

He is a published composer and has provided music for television films. He has made a number of recordings and his compositions and arrangements have been played by leading international guitarist and lutenists. On YouTube you can hear some performances of Andrey Shilov - guitar, Gabriele Natilla - guitar, Oliver Eidam - guitar, Stathis Skandalidis - guitar and David van Ooijen - lute.

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My son, Simon, started learning the Classical guitar with Brian when he was about 11, and successfully completed grade 8 shortly after his 18th birthday. During that time, Brian understood perfectly that Simon was not a career musician, and that sporting activities and academic aspirations were high on his list of priorities, but nonetheless Brian beautifully judged how to coax the best results from him. Such was Brian's encouragement and sensitivity to his needs, that Simon worked very hard on his music both for himself and for Brian, and probally surpassed his own expectations. In truth, our trips to Brian's home on a Saturday morning for Classical guitar lesson were always an adventure, never routine, and a rich source of mental stimulation. Brian was more than just a guitar tutor - he was a mentor, a sage and a friend, and a very important element of Simon's adolescent years. TREVOR BLATCHFORD

Our 8 year old little boy Ben, has been captivated by the variety of methods that Brian uses to keep him focused and excited. His calm and relaxed style of teaching engages Ben, even when he is in his most distractable moments. MAXINE COMONTE (psychologist)

In one year I achieved Grade 5 with distinction on jazz guitar, Grade 8 with distinction on jazz guitar and Grade 5 Theory with distinction. MATTHEW ALLEN

I have been having guitar lessons with Brian for several years and have found him to be good company and an inspirational tutor. He takes his teaching very seriously and is very encouraging and patient. He is an accomplished musician and composer and his enthusiasm for his work is infectious. Many thanks Brian! VALERIE DAVISON

Brian's knowledge of his instrument and of the techniques required, plus his enthusiasm for music, make him a truly inspirational teacher. ANN FLEET (piano teacher)

Due to Brian's patience, support and dedication to teaching music, my son Rob., who had no prior experience of playing the bass guitar, was able to achieve grade 8 in just over a year. COLIN GARNET

Studying with Brian I achieved grade 8 and a First Performance Certificate on the classical guitar. JOHN REED

Brian is a dedicated and exceptional teacher as well as world class musician - he has been a role model and inspiration to my son. MARY NEALE

Brian has taught my son from the age of five. Brian's ability to change pace and approach to a particular problem means tuition is tailor-made to a child's personality and needs; ensuring progress is made from the very first lesson. Develoment is evidenced through the Trinity-Guildhall examinations taken at the appropriate time with the support and wealth of knowledge Brian has at helping young students through this process. DAVID PUSEY

Brian is an excellent, world renowned teacher, totally dedicated to his profession. His students, whether very young or old, receive lessons which are tailored to their individual needs in a friendly and peaceful atmosphere. As their studies progress, they gain in confidence in their ability and many go on to achieve high marks in grade examinations. Through dedication to music they will also gain a discipline that can be applied to all walks of life. CHERREL RAYBOLD

Under Brian's guidance I obtained a distinction on the Classical guitar at every grade from 1-8; this achievement was rewarded by a Certificate of Special Merit. I was also given by Trinity College of Music two medals for obtaining the highest marks in the South-West in two of the examinations. BARBARA ROBSON

The positive difference Brian has made to Aimee's life, to me is immeasurable, not only in her playing ability, but to her own self confidence and happiness. Caring-patient-professional are all words that spring to mind when thinking of Brian's teaching. His caring, patient professionalism has without doubt inspired my daughter to not only achieve great results as a guitarist, but to acquire an infectious love of music. Brian's inspirational teaching has simply spoken for itself. PHILIP UGALDE



Brian Wright F.T.C.L.; L.T.C.L; L.mus.T.C.L.; Dip.Ed.
Hawkes Wood,
Lower Treneague,
Wadebridge, Cornwall, PL27 7JX

Telephone: 01208 814138